What is the Konfuzio Server?


Konfuzio Server is a data-centric Document AI platform to build, run and monitor intelligent document workflows. It provides enterprise ready Web, API interfaces as well as the option to self-host in your environment. By building on nhe Konfuzio SDK and the Document Validation UI, Konfuzio Server allows to easily deploy document workflows with AI and integrate it in any IT infrastructure.

This documentation explains the internals of the Konfuzio Server, illustrate how to integrate for example using the REST API and how to deploy Konfuzio Server in your infrastrucure.



On-Premises Guide

Learn how to deploy Konfuzio Server in your infrastructure.


Understand the internals of Konfuzio Server .


Learn how to create and authenticate users.

API Reference

Integrate using the Konfuzio Server REST API.


Review the Konfuzio Server releases.