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Konfuzio Developer’s Guide

Konfuzio is a cloud and on-premises B2B platform used thousands of times a day to train and run AI. SMEs and large companies train their AI to understand and process documents, e-mails and texts like human beings. Find out more on our Homepage.

This Developer’s Guide compiles the resources that can be used to expand Konfuzio.

This technical documentation is updated frequently. Please feel free to share your feedback via info@konfuzio.com.

Konfuzio Python SDK

The Konfuzio Software Development Kit (Konfuzio SDK) provides a Python API to interact with the Konfuzio Server. Find in this section the documentation of the package, the installation instructions and code examples that will help you in starting using it.

Konfuzio Trainer

The Trainer module, only available for enterprise clients, allows to define, train and run custom Document AI. In the Trainer section you find the documentation of the features of this module, including the contents structure and examples of how to use it.

Konfuzio Server

The Konfuzio Server allows the interaction with the Konfuzio projects. In this section you can find information regarding how to use it. Check here the latest updates, information in how to have Konfuzio on premises and examples on how to use the API for communicate directly with the Konfuzio Server.