Tutorials are lessons that take the reader by the hand through a series of steps to complete a project of some kind. Tutorials are learning-oriented.

In this section you can find various tutorials on document-related AI processes in detail. These processes allow to split stack scans, categorize and extract information from the Documents.

The first step we’re going to cover is Categorization, where a Document is labelled to be of a certain Category within the Project.

The second section is on File Splitting – this happens when the original Document consists of several smaller sub-Documents and needs to be separated so that each one can be processed individually.

The third section will go over the various options for Document Tokenization.

The fourth part describes Information Extraction, during which various information is obtained and labeled from unstructured texts, i.e. Name, Date, Recipient, or any other custom Labels.

For a more in-depth look at each step, be sure to check out the Architecture Diagram that reflects each step of the document-processing pipeline.