Upload your AI


  • Data Layer concepts of Konfuzio: Project

  • AI concepts of Konfuzio: Information Extraction, Document Categorization, File Splitting

  • Konfuzio API

  • Superuser status

Difficulty: Medium

Goal: Learn how to upload a previously saved instance of any AI - Extraction, Categorization or File Splitting.


You need to install the Konfuzio SDK before diving into the tutorial.
To get up and running quickly, you can use our Colab Quick Start notebook.
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As an alternative you can follow the installation section to install and initialize the Konfuzio SDK locally or on an environment of your choice.


If you want to upload a model that you’ve built locally to the Server, you can use one of the two options, provided that you have the Superuser rights.

First option is manual, using the steps from the tutorial.

Second is using the method upload_ai_model() from konfuzio_sdk.api. Arguments are different for different types of AI. The method returns the model’s ID that can later be used to update or delete the model.

from konfuzio_sdk.api import upload_ai_model

extraction_model_id = upload_ai_model(pickle_model_path, ai_type='extraction', category_id=YOUR_CATEGORY_ID)
categorization_model_id = upload_ai_model(pickle_model_path, ai_type='categorization', project_id=YOUR_PROJECT_ID)
splitting_model_id = upload_ai_model(pickle_model_path, ai_type='filesplitting', project_id=YOUR_PROJECT_ID)

Update model’s metadata

You can update an uploaded model via the update_ai_model() method. The information you can change is model’s name and description.

from konfuzio_sdk.api import update_ai_model

update_ai_model(YOUR_MODEL_ID, ai_type='extraction')
update_ai_model(YOUR_MODEL_ID, ai_type='categorization')
update_ai_model(YOUR_MODEL_ID, ai_type='filesplitting')

Remove a model

You can also remove an uploaded model by using delete_ai_model().

from konfuzio_sdk.api import delete_ai_model

delete_ai_model(YOUR_MODEL_ID, ai_type='extraction')
delete_ai_model(YOUR_MODEL_ID, ai_type='categorization')
delete_ai_model(YOUR_MODEL_ID, ai_type='filesplitting')

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